About Us

Brief History

OAK SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS LIMITED was founded and incorporated in Uganda, East Africa.
The company is at the forefront of Providing Logistics Services in all sectors including but not limited to Oil and Gas,

NGOs, Support services to other logistics Companies, Customs Clearing (URA) Transport, etc.

and has since then attained a level of expertise in comprehensive transportation (cargo & passenger), car hire, imports and exports, other logistical services and supply and distribution of various items as well as other procurement and Supply services to our clients. 
We are looking forward to attaining stature as one of or if not the best Transport & Logistics firm in the region providing progressive, qualitative and efficient services to our Clients.


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Excellence and Professionalism 

At Oak SCS Ltd we believe excellence and professionalism is the hallmark of an institution that seeks to empower existing and emerging business. Thus, we strive to achieve this goal through our dedicated and professional efforts of service to our customers and employee training. We believe excellence and professionalism lie in an intentional pursuit of high quality, attention to detail, outstanding customer service, willingness to learn from our mistakes, respect for individuals, our community, and society in general. We strive to incorporate these qualities in our everyday interactions with our customers, business partners, employees, and society at large.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision Our vision serves as the framework for our road map and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish our goals in order for us to continue Achieving Sustainable and Quality growth.

Our mission is to provide the BEST supply chain solution services to meet our clients' requirements while observing high quality, cost control and the development of our human capital and preserving the health, safety, and environment standards to generate necessary financial substance to sustain and grow the company and its employees.

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