Transportation and Distribution


‘Break Bulk’ is one of the fastest-growing areas of transport/distribution within Uganda’s logistics industry. Principally, a product is collected from you the client and comes into the depot in ‘bulk’ (usually on pallets) and is then ‘broken’ into multiple consignments for distribution to various locations….hence the term ‘Break Bulk’.
The main advantage of using a ‘break-bulk’ service is that your overall distribution costs are greatly reduced by maximizing the line-haul component (by sending in bulk) and minimizing the local delivery costs. This is a great service for those businesses that have a variety of small parcel shipments, where the goods can be consolidated onto pallets and transported to the store for delivery
Oak SCS, is one of the pioneers for this type of service into Uganda.

Today, ‘Break Bulk’ distribution is one of our standard service offerings….the service includes both the line haul transport and all regional level or country distribution, plus you get it all on one account and deal with only one company.

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